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All of the Microtech® knives seen here have a variety of custom finishes including our exclusive Anopeen™ bead finishing, mirror polishing, Tefbond™ teflon® coating, solid color anodizing, multi color Trick™ / Splash anodized and laser engraving.

Microtech® Mini Socom Microtech UDT's with Anopeen Bead finish and Custom Microtech® Kestrel / Vector  halo 3 trick/anodize Microtech® Splash / Trick®  Complete Knives Microtech® Splash / Trick®  
  color anodizing
halo 3 purple halo 3 blue halo 3 brown halo 3 green halo 3 pink
  color anodizing
Microtech® halo 1 Microtech® Splash / Trick® Halo I (Original) combat talon Microtech® Splash / Trick® Hawk Microtech® Splash / Trick® Hawk
  color anodizing
Microtech® Splash / Trick®  Handles Microtech® Splash / Trick Microtech® Splash / Trick®  Handles Microtech® Kestrel / Vector Handles Microtech® Kestrel / Vector Handles
  color anodizing
orginal mini UTD large UDT UTD - Earth Blue Damascus light foot ludtsplshtrit
  color anodizing
Microtech® MUDT ludthp_grn Camouflage Manual Socom lcc 2tone splash handles victor1 splash
  color anodizing
Trick/Splash knives halo 3 handle groups


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