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Anolaze offers the finest in Color Anodizing, Multi-Color Anodizing,Titanium Anodizing, Laser Marking and Laser Engraving and complete Metal Finishing Services all under one roof.


Aluminum Anodizing, Titanium Anodizing, Laser Engraving, and more...
Laser engraved and anodized parts.
Laser engraving on plastics and much more.

We offer a wide range of prefinishing and finishing services all in one location, saving you time and money. We will take your product from the prefinishing stages such as precision Anopeen™ bead finishing process or the fine technique of mirror polishing to the process of color anodizing and finally, laser engraving or marking of your product. If a more unique look for your product is what you're after, consider our Trick™ / Splash anodizing or Titanium color anodizing. We also offer our Tefbond™ teflon coating for the ultimate in wear and lubricity. Whether it's medical, electronics/optics marine, plastics, metals or ceramics, our commitment to high quality and fanatical attention to detail will show you we are
"The Definition of Finished ™."

We would be glad to consult with you and pinpoint your application needs. Take a moment and review our services page and discover all the services we provide. Please select one of the links that will suit your needs. We want to thank you for your interest and hope to hear from you in the near future.

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